October 3, 2009

under my skin

So I have a thing for Effy Stonem, a character from the british tv show Skins. Played by actress Kaya Scodelario, Effy is the girl everyone wanted to be or be with in high school. She’s reckless, mysterious, and at times trashy, but always looks gorgeous doing so. Effy dons perfect smoky eye makeup, that makes her eyes look so stunning and seductive. It’s as though the stylists who work on Skins work tirelessly on Effy’s look, and every other character is just an after thought. Yet Effy’s look is effortless and cool. So props to Kaya, the stylists, and the creators of Skins, who brought this amazing character into my life.

And if you haven’t seen Skins, go watch it now!


Ana said...

thanks for the comments. i appreciate the love :D
uhh i downloaded like a 30 day trial of photoshop elements. it's the most basic photoshop and that's what I"ve been using. If you wana buy it, it's only like $70 USD

jessica said...


emma j said...

looove her and skins to only seen season 1& 2..heard they dropped all original cast for season3? didnt want to watch it then ha