September 15, 2009

maybe she got gwen's genes instead?

Whattup, negligent blogger here! I should definitely learn to manage my time better because I almost missed THIS:

Aaahhh, if only we were all lucky to look this hot with black lipstick, instead of looking like you just ate a black crayon or something. This could most likely mean a beautiful friendship between stepmother and stepdaughter (sorry Pearl, but Gwen will always out-chic you!).

P.S. tweet tweet! I'm back on that twitter horse, so hit me up 'cause soon the only personal life I'm gonna have is a virtual one ;P


Lady Stardust said...

i just saw those pics earlier today i love how the black lipstick looks on her


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love the black lipstick on her! It's hard to pull off but she did it! xxoxoxo

la petite fille avec la vie a la mode said...

it does look very cool! not many people can pull it off