August 29, 2009

"you like me, you really like me!"

Thanks so much La Petite Fille Avec La Vie Al La Mode for this blog award. I'm so honored!!! :D

So 10 things about me....

1- I'm currently attending college to become an English teacher.

2- I'm of Russian, German, and Irish descent.

3- I have a cat named Crookshanks (yes, I'm a Harry Potter nerd!).

4- My hobbies are fashion scrapbooking, painting, and collecting purses and old books.

5- I'm Manic Depressive.

6- My favorite food is Japanese, Mexican, and Indian.

7- My favorite playwright is Tennessee Williams.

8- I only use Rimmel makeup (not an intentional thing, I just happened to only have that brand).

9- I used to do horseback riding.

10- My guilty pleasure it whatever is on MTV and VH1.

Now, for this award I am tagging the following blogs:

The Rynham

Fashion Cappuccino

Every Street is a Catwalk

Thanks again!!


la petite fille avec la vie a la mode said...

your welcome1

Anonymous said...

so cool!!!

Lady Stardust said...


i love mexican food too hahaha
and rimmel london make up :P


Anonymous said...

awh thanks steph you are so kind xxx

Anonymous said...

aww - thanks lovely!!!! I LOVE it!! you rock!!! gonna work on it asap. xo

Anonymous said...

btw - love that you are studying English - so very interesting and cool!

Elizabeth R. Luna said...

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