August 23, 2009

Top 30 fashionable cities

According to the Huffington Post, these are the most fashionable cities:

1. Milan

2. New York

3. Paris

4. Rome

5. London

6. Los Angeles

7. Hong Kong

8. Sao Paulo

9. Sydney

10. Las Vegas

11. Dubai

12. Tokyo

13. Miami

14. Barcelona

15. Shanghai

16. Mumbai

17. New Delhi

18. Rio de Janeiro

19. Berlin

20. Singapore

21. Madrid

22. Moscow

23. Santiago

24. Buenos Aires

25. Melbourne

26. Stockholm

27. Bangkok

28. Krakow

29. Prague

30. Mexico City

No Canadian cities, can you believe that? Way to snub us you Huffington douches. And why the hell not include us when we have this coming out of Canada, huh?:

That is all kinds of sexy and you know it!


Lady Stardust said...

holy holy!
i didnt think any mexican city would make it into that list haha


Carte Blanche said...

Yay! La is #6. But i'm surprised Tokyo is 12. I thought they were #3or something. Crazy. Poor Canadians:( I know they are stylin there but I'm sure it's hard when you have to layer like that most of the time. lol

Clelia said...

Sorry but I disagree... Romne should be up to MILAN >)