July 24, 2009

Cat Eyeliner

I've always loved the cat eyeliner look, it's so exotic and rock n roll all at the same time. It can get pretty tricky to perfect though, so luckily I've come across this little gem of a tutorial on YouTube. Sarah Victor is simply an amazing make-up artist and should be checked out!

I've been practicing this for a month now and I've found that my technique had majorly improved ;) for myself, I don't really use a liquid eyeliner simply because I'm so fair-skinned it gives me this tired, baggy eyed look (not so Olsen-esque). Instead I use Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal eye pencil in Sable Brown, and I like it much better then in black since it looks less harsh and more smoldering. The Sexy Curves mascara from Rimmel is another great piece to use, but it's too bad that Maybelline's Cat Eyes masacara is only being released in Asia because it would've totally sinched the whole look (with a name like Feline Black, how can you go wrong?).

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